Cumbrian Seafoods is highly focused on the conservation of marine seafood stocks, which we regard with the utmost importance.

As a business we have long recognised the problems facing the fishing industry and consistently championed redress of practices that have led to a much-reduced exploitation of wild caught fish.

This means we promote:

  • Eco-friendly, line-caught fishing for its selection of mature fish and minimal by-catch.
  • The avoidance of the use of the most heavily depleted species.
  • A catalogue which seeks to utilise the whole fish carcass.
  • Total catch traceability linked to vessels’ catch quotas.

It also means we invest in legitimate, sustainable, aquaculture projects. We recognise and support the principles of the Marine Stewardship Council and the Marine Conservation Society. We were participant in the formation of the Iceland Eco-Label and are proud to endorse it.

At Cumbrian Seafoods we are committed to the environment

Ethical trading

Cumbrian Seafoods strives to ensure that our working practices at boat, farm and processing facilities meet the requirements of the International Labour Organisation. This includes basic rights such as collective bargaining and safe, hygienic working conditions.

Our own factories and suppliers have BRC/IFS accreditation achieved through a combination of Cumbrian Seafoods and independent, third party audits. Our sites in the UK operate and encourage an effective worker presence in the decision making of the day to day running of our factories by means of a “Works Council” and their participation in continuous improvement meetings.

Environmental impact

We are actively working to reduce our carbon footprint, and our ultimate aim is to achieve carbon neutrality.

To achieve this we are working in close partnership with Seafish, the Carbon Trust, and other organisations and universities. We are committed to working towards generating the equivalent amount of power from renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar energy, proportionate to our UK based energy needs.

At our new Seaham facility for instance, we have worked hard to reduce our carbon footprint from practical measures, rather than subscribing to ‘offsets’.

Winning planning permission at the factory for two wind turbines has also allowed us to reach a position where we will, in time, achieve energy neutrality.

We are working in partnership with our customers and suppliers towards reductions in packaging waste, through a reduction in volume, weight and through increased recyclability.

Cumbrian Seafoods’ efforts have been recognised by a wide number of relevant authorities and our success acknowledged by a number of awards.